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Home Shield EMF Solutions is a leading EMF inspection/testing company, working with residential homes, condominium & apartment owners as well as commercial workplaces all over the GTA.

Aside from dangers found in the residential home there are even more dangers found in Condominiums & Apartments as they are more confined & have hundreds of residents living in one building all that own cell phones wifi routers, microwaves,plasma tv’s & bluetooth devices etc. In addition to that a lot of buildings have large electrical rooms/ smart meter rooms & satellites/ cell tower repeaters mounted on the roof to improve & promote a strong signal for people habituating the building. This all leads to higher EMF expsoure levels.

Why You Should have Your Home or Workplace Tested

Technology has come a long way in recent years and we have surrounded ourselves in our own homes with wireless sources such as wifi & Bluetooth devices not considering the serious effects they are causing to our valuable health. What’s even more alarming is all though we are all effected by EMF pollution on one level or another women & children are at least twice as susceptible to the negative health effects it causes.

Noticeable symptoms include the following: poor quality sleep, anxiety, headaches, body cramping/pain, dehydration, brain fog, tremors, chronic fatigue, tingling sensations, ringing in the ears. More serious links include, early childhood leukemia, brain & salivary tumors and many other types of cancers.

Electromagnetic Fields – Four Key Components

With EMF pollution, there are four main EMF components and they are all measured separately and mitigated using different methods

Electric Fields

  • Energy-efficient CFL bulbs, electrical cords and power bars, ungrounded laptops, metal lamps and clock radios.

Magnetic Fields

  • High current power lines and electrical lines, transformers, faulty wiring, plumbing current, knob and tube wiring, old-style CRT TVs and monitors.

Dirty Electricity

  • All power lines, cords, electrical appliances, lamps and electronic devices plugged into circuits reading grater than 50GS units.

Radio Frequency Fields

    • Smartphones, tables, cell phone towers, cordless phones, baby monitors, wi-fi routers and bluetooth enabled devices such as wireless printers, TVs, speakers, mice, keyboards, gaming systems, along with microwave ovens.

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