EMF and Adverse Health Effects

What are EMFs and How Do They Affect Us?

EMF’s are invisible toxins that we encounter on a daily basis in our homes offices & public buildings. They are invisible lines of force that surround any electrical device. A field is an area of electrically charged partials created by the source. There are 4 main EMF components & they are all measured separately.

EMF Health Facts

In 2015 190 scientists from 38 nations have submitted the international EMF scientist appeal to the united nations, UN member states and the World Health Organization (WHO) requesting they adopt more protective exposure guidelines for electromagnetic fields (EMF) and wireless technology in the face of increasing evidence of risk from this rapidly increasing environmental pollutant.

In May 2011 the WHO international research of cancer issued its decision that non ionizing radio frequency radiation from wireless devices classifying it as a 2 b possible carcinogen. This mirrors the 2001 IARC finding theta extremely low frequency ELF-EMF that classified as a 2 b possible carcinogen that pertained to power frequency AC power lines and appliance radiation.

Radio Frequency (RF) EMF Links to Adverse Health

We are now being exposed to levels of RF that far exceed that of our grandparents and more evidence has accumulated suggesting there are adverse health effects from even low levels of RF exposure. Children appear to be especially vulnerable to wireless radiation as their nervous systems and brains are not fully developed and their skulls are thinner and smaller, so the radiation penetrates more deeply into their brains.

EMF Adverse Health Effects


Headaches, dizziness, nausea, difficult concentrating, memory loss, irritability, depression, anxiety, insomnia, numbing, tingling, weaknesss, fatigue, tremors, anxiety, muscle and joint pain, leg / foot pain, flu-like symptoms, fever. More severe reactions can include seizures, paralysis, psychosis and stroke.


Palpitations, arrhythmias, pain or pressure in the chest, low or high blood pressure, slow or fast heart rate, shortness of breath


Sinusitis, bronchitis, pneumonia, asthma


Pain or burning in the eyes, pressure in / behind the eyes, deteriorating vision, floaters, cataracts


Skin rash, itching, burning, facial flushing


Digestive problems, abdominal pain, enlarged thyroid, testicular / ovarian pain, dryness of lips, tongue, mouth, eyes; great thirst; dehydration; nosebleeds; internal bleeding; altered sugar metabolism; immune abnormalities; redistribution of metals within the body; hair loss; pain in the teeth; deteriorating fillings; impaired sense of smell; ringing in the ears

The above mentioned are commonly seen ailments caused by EMF exposure.

What’s even more alarming is that EMF exposure is a Mitochondria poison and over time breaks down our DNA. When this occurs we start seeing more evident severe symptoms such as in fertility in men & women & even cancer which are all statistically on the rise as we progress into the future. If we do not start paying attention and start reducing our exposure to EMF’s we will continue to see these statistics rise and ruin the lives of everyday people like you and I. We need to protect ourselves but even more importantly we need to protect our future generation as they are not only twice as susceptible to damage from EMF’s but they are also spending a majority of there adolescent lives in schools which are absolute hot zones & have some of the highest EMF exposure levels known.

All schools have wi-fi robust amounts of dirty electricity pollution, and not to mention my biggest concern kids are all carrying cell phones in there pockets these days and spending hours and hours on laptops to complete all there daily school tasks & projects. Statistically teens are spending about average of 9 hours a day online compared to about 6 hours for those aged between 8 years old & 12 years old.

We are even starting to see children under 8 years of age that are spending many hours in front of tablets playing online games & watching you tube videos. When you think deeply of what has changed between now and 25 years ago its the way technology has started to take over our lives. It has changed our lives and made alot of things more convenient but what we have failed to recognize or even considered is the price we are paying for this convenience. Think to yourself for a minute.

Why are we seeing anxiety levels on the rise especially amongst the youth in schools? Why is ADD becoming more prevalent amongst youth? I just found out recently from my daughter that they are now bringing dogs into schools for the students suffering from high anxiety to help calm them. I thought to myself, really? To me this a an obvious issue and why are we not doing anything about it? Again I ask you what has changed in the last 25 years within in the school system? The obvious answer is technology! We never had wifi in schools. If you had a cell phone 25 years ago you were one of a few and most likely mainly for business purposes. All of our assignments were hand written in a notebook. We definitely were not sitting in front of a laptop all day or texting friends or watching Youtube videos. To me this an obvious link to why we are starting to see all these common ailments amongst youth today.

I experienced & witnessed it myself in my home with our daughter and her anxiety and frequent headaches. She used to be attached to the phone & laptop until we educated her on how to reduce exposure. She is now free from the frequent anxiety & headaches and lives a better quality less interrupted lifestyle because of that. It’s not about cutting out technology people. I would be absolutely insane to even think that not to mention I would also be a hypocrite because I enjoy the conveniences of modern day technology as most people today do. What it is about though is being educated and having the know how to reduce your exposure especially within the home where our children/families all spend most of our time.

Severe Health Effects

Mitochondria poison that could eventually lead to different types of cancer including tumors/ early childhood leukemia/ DNA damage/ disruption of Circadian rhythm leading to insomnia & frequent interruption of regular sleeping patterns. Infertility in both men & women.

Why You Should Have Your Home Tested

Technology has come a long way in recent years and we have surrounded ourselves in our own homes with wireless sources such as wifi & Bluetooth devices not considering the serious effects they are causing to our valuable health. What’s even more alarming is all though we are all effected by EMF pollution on one level or another women & children are at least twice as susceptible to the negative health effects it causes.

Noticeable symptoms include the following: poor quality sleep, anxiety, headaches, body cramping/pain, dehydration, brain fog, tremors, chronic fatigue, tingling sensations, ringing in the ears. More serious links include, early childhood leukemia,brain & salivary tumors and many other types of cancers.

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