EMF Shielding and Installation Services

WiFi Router Ethernet Hardwiring

Home Shield EMF is highly specialized and skilled in providing EMF shielding and EMF shielding installation services to both residential and commercial properties.

Protect your family and loved ones, and eliminate the microwave radiation you are being exposed to from your WiFi router on a daily basis.

  • We will hardwire you home and completely eliminate your RF exposure at the same time.
  • Enjoy a more secure connection and lightning fast internet speeds.

It is always highly recommended to have a professional consultation with an EMF technician before purchasing or moving forward with any type of a mitigation/shielding plan. Please contact us to book your consultation and recommended EMF testing.

Radio Frequency Shielding Paint with Grounding Kit

By utilizing radio frequency shielding paint and grounding kit, it will provide EMF shielding effectiveness of around 99.98%.

(RF) shielding paint is the perfect application to shield against any type exterior, or neighbouring RF sources. Applications include shielding RF emitted from:

  • Neighbouring dwellings in apartments or condos that have wi-fi routers
  • Any other sort of wireless devices such as printers, cellular phones, cordless phones, gaming systems, blue tooth devices etc.
  • It also blocks any exterior close proximity RF sources such as any type of 4G or even 5G cellular towers. Must be installed properly by experienced technician and licensed electrician.

Contact Home Shield EMF today to learn more about our radio frequency shielding services.

(RF) Signal Protect Clear Window Film

Rf signal protect clear film will protect your home, apartment, or condo from any exterior wireless signals Рup to 99.99% effective. Sources include:

  • Close proximity cellular towers 4G or 5G
  • Any type of blue tooth devices or wireless routers

It is very important that this product is installed by a professional with the proper tools and experience. Contact our trusted team today!

Dirty Electricity – Installation of Graham Stetzer Filters

Dirty electricity is measured in GS units, otherwise known as Graham Stetzer units. Precautionary standards are 50 GS units but it is very common to see homes with much higher readings ranging between 200-1000 GS units depending on the individual homes and electrical set up.

Dirty electricity is present in every home and it is caused by all the different gadgets and electronics, such as 12 volt lighting, dimmer switches, cfl bulbs, smart televisions, computers, laptops, tablets, etc, that require electricity in short pulses as opposed to a continuous flow resulting in high frequency noise (khz) in our electrical circuits.

This high frequency feedback being emitted through our receptacles/power supply has many different negative health effects on the human body as humans are antenna to this source of electrical pollution as multiple tests have proven.

The solution is quite simple with the installation of Graham Stetzer filters. A professional should always install the Graham Stetzer filters as it is crucial to have a micro surge meter in order to have them installed in the proper receptacles.

Automatic Shut off Switches

Protect yourself from A/C electric fields and dirty electricity, especially in the bedroom! Everyone knows optimum health starts with a proper night’s sleep. Electric fields and dirty electricity are one of the biggest un recognized culprits of preventing a good night’s sleep.

Having a shut off switch installed gives you the capability of shutting as many as 4-6 breakers off on your electrical panel by the simple push of a button on a key fab. This prevents you the inconvenience of having to manually shut off the breaker where ever it may be located in your home.

This type of EMF mitigation upgrade can be verified with a body voltage test which is highly recommended so you personally witness the difference it makes. All automatic shut off switches must be installed by a licensed electrician. Contact Home Shield EMF today to learn more!

Shielding Fabrics

We also have a variety of different Swiss shielding fabrics available for different applications. Please contact us to inquire further if you are interested in learning more about EMF shielding fabrics.

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