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Commercial and Residential EMF Inspections in the Greater Toronto, Halton and Hamilton Areas

Our mission is to educate and create a safe environment for your home or workplace through EMF consultation. We achieve this by providing all of our clients with all the basic literature on EMF’S along with our in home consultation awareness program which includes detailed recorded measurements of all in home & exterior EMF readings.

After readings are complete we include an in depth consultation on how to mitigate all potential issues within & surrounding the home to ensure your home & family is safe & sound from all EMF exposure.

Once our EMF consulting is complete we are able to reduce your exposure levels up to 90%. Many of our clients notice major notable changes almost immediately in the way they physically feel experiencing the following: un-interrupted deeper sleeping patterns, higher energy levels, much less anxiety, less irritability, reduced headaches, reduced body aches & pains etc. Book your EMF safety consultation today and experience the difference and keep your family safe from harmfull EMF’s within the home.

The following article explains the negative health effects from EMFs along with a few stories from real-life instances.

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