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There are 2 types of power lines that we need to be aware of when purchasing a home to ensure our families safety. High voltage transmission power lines are the largest source. These high voltage power lines conduct electricity from power generating stations to power source substations. These type of power lines produce 2 types of energy Electric fields (E) measured in volts per meter (V/M) & magnetic fields measured in milligauss (MG) that are given off in a field that expands in all directions around the wires. Suggested guidelines are that we should be no closer then 200-300 meters away from a dwelling. However that is not the case in many residential areas, especially more mature neighbourhoods in the GTA.

The other type of power line we should be concerned is distribution lines. These are the wooden pole overhead power lines you see running along main streets in communities all over. These power lines give off booth magnetic and electric fields as well but at a much more tolerable level then high voltage power lines. Suggested guidelines are 10-200 meters away from a dwelling. These guidelines have a quite a large range as all power lines all have different amounts of current running through them. This is why it is key to have a specialist measure the levels to ensure the home you are either planning on purchasing or selling is or is not in safe territory.

We will provide the homeowner or purchaser with a detailed site plan with multiple meter readings from all areas of the property so you have the opportunity to make an educated decison when purchasing, or be able to provide a concerned buyer with a detailed report that your property is deemed a safe purchase if it perhaps is close to any type of power lines. Adverse health effects of living near power lines studies show links of early childhood leukemia, and other types of cancer.

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