Residential EMF Inspections

In-Home EMF Inspections in the Greater Toronto, Mississauga, Oakville, Burlington & Milton Areas

What will we be addressing within your home?

Radio Frequencies Fields

Most commonly found in the home: Wi-fi routers, microwave ovens, lap tops, cell phones, baby monitors all blue tooth wireless devices, gaming systems, cordless phones, TV’s. Nearby cell phone towers/ radar. Radio Frequencies are measured in microwatts per sq cm. Radio frequencies radiate outwards at the speed of light in a pulsating pattern similar to that of waves in a pond

Electric Fields

Most commonly found in home: un grounded lap tops, alarm clocks, power bars, lamps, night lights, all electrical wires behind walls & expsosed, cfl light bulbs. Electric fields are measured in Volts per meter V/M. and are always present on charged electrical wires. AC electric fields are present anytime an electric device or power cord is plugges in to a live electric outlet. An electric field will exist even when there is no current flowing.

Magnetic Fields

Nearby high current power lines, distribution wood pole power lines, electrical lines transformers, faulty wiring, plumbing current, knob & tube wiring, old style CRT TV’s and monitors. Magnetic Fileds are measured in (MG) milligauss and are created when electric current flows. If current does flows the strength of the magnetic fields. Will vary depending upon the amount of current (amps) drawn through the conductor while the electric field strength will remain constant.

Dirty Electricity

Measured in Grahm stetzer units (GS). Commonly found in home 12 volt lighting & Dimmer switches,cfl bulbs, electrical appliances, lamps all electric circuits reading greater then 50 GS units. Dirty electricity ids caused by all the technological devices/gadgets we use within the home. The devices require short pulses instead of continuous flow of electricity resulting in high frequency noise that ends up radiating from the receptacles into our bodies causing us harm.

What Happens After Your Residential EMF Inspection?

All measurements will be recorded and re recorded once we mitigate the high readings within the home. Your EMF exposure will be reduced up to 90% upon completion of safety. It is highly recommended if you have children to have them join us for the home safety so they can be educated and made aware on how to reduce their exposure as they are not only more susceptible but these days have more contact with electronic devices within the school system on a regular basis.

Post Results for After Inspection

Safe environment for your family – improved deeper sleep, higher energy levels, less headaches, much lower anxiety levels.

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